First preprint of the lab: spatial-omics by tomography!

We just released the first preprint of the lab, find it here.

This is the summary of what the paper is about:

Genomics techniques are currently being adapted to provide spatially resolved omics profiling. However, the adaptation of each new method typically requires the setup of specific detection strategies or specialized instrumentation. A generic approach to spatially resolve different types of high throughput data is missing. Here, we describe an imaging-free framework to localize high throughput readouts within a tissue by combining compressive sampling and image reconstruction. We implemented this framework to transform a low-input RNA sequencing protocol into an imaging-free spatial transcriptomics technique (STRP-seq) and validated this method with a transcriptome profiling of the murine brain. To verify the broad applicability of STRP-seq, we applied the technique on the brain of the Australian bearded dragon Pogona vitticeps. Our results reveal the molecular anatomy of the telencephalon of this lizard, providing evidence for a marked regionalization of the reptilian pallium and subpallium. Overall, the proposed framework constitutes a new approach that allows upgrading in a generic fashion conventional genomic assays to spatially resolved techniques.

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